• Our Mission

    Making lifelong learning and personal growth a fun, regular activity


    Founded in Dubai in 2019, we set out to build the largest marketplace for personal growth events.

    It's undeniable that mainstream education systems are incapable of developing the advanced skills needed to solve real and modern-world problems. GrowthPass solves that by bringing all self & career growth events, workshops, and classes in one platform. Almost like a catalog for advanced skills, you can browse to find and get your pass to any learning opportunity near you.

  • Our Values

    How we make things happen


    Life is a journey, not an end goal. We believe that sustainable personal growth is achieved when we are enjoying its process.

    Infinite Learning

    We are open minded and growth oriented. We believe that nothing is fixed and everything can be improved if we're determined to learn and grow.


    We are hungry for feedback and empowered to establish strong communication channels. Only then we can improve together and grow.


    We focus on making self growth easy and hassle-free, period. We strive to be simple and essentialist in everything we do.