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Business Masterminds: Becoming A Global Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship is the driving force for competitiveness, growth and a promising way to progress Regional and International businesses. Annex Investments supports UAE' entrepreneurship potential, to remove existing obstacles, challenges and revolutionize the culture of entrepreneurship in the Region and towards the GCC. Furthermore, it is the organizations mandate to support entrepreneurs through education and training , the creation of an environment where entrepreneurs can grow and the development targeted measures for seasoned and emerging entrepreneurs.

Annex Investments presents The Business Masterminds in celebration of the 10th #BrandFusion B2B Entrepreneurship Series this coming January 29, 2020 at The Co Dubai from 6PM onwards. The upcoming event provides a platform for the whole SME Community to discuss the promotion of entrepreneurship with a global perspective, serving as a conclave for discussion of opportunities and programs aimed towards the empowerment of the Region's business ecosystem.

The gathering would see an active participation of market leaders , industry experts , branding professionals , marketing experts , decision and policy makers , business strategist , and founders. The Entrepreneurs cells of the region and of the world are being brought together to one place to learn from the support system present in both corporate and government sectors and learn how to implement best practices to effectively promote entrepreneurship in their respective areas.




The benefits of attending:

* Meet the Experts and Influencers

* Connect with Visionaries; Meet your "SME - Subject Matter Expert" for guidance in the current innovations and ideas that will help you and your startup queries , content, identify the objectives and ensure your ideas are acceptable.

* Empower your thinking and have the correct mindset

* Build Regional and International Network of Entrepreneurs

* Creative Minds to leverage your organization

* Test Your New Business Idea

* Affix with trailblazers to create entrepreneur-led solutions that is long term.

* Connect with Mentors

* Know the ins and outs of raising capital and secure investments.

* Build your business and elevate what you know and get it to the next level



* Globalization : Growth in Entrepreneurship

* Business Alliances : Relationships that Matters !

* The Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development

* Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs and Startups

* Young Leaders : Youth Entrepreneurship

* Bridging the Digital Divide

* SPACES : The Innovative Hub

* The Developing Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

* Business Analytics , Data Management , and Conversion

* The Future of Entrepreneurship

Date & Time

Wed, January 29, 2020

06:00 PM - 09:00 PM


The Co Working Popup - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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